Sound checks are the worst: 


1. They're long. 

2. They’re boring. 

3. They rob us of precious rehearsal time. 

4.  Someone is always especially “needy” when it comes to getting the perfect mix: “I need a little more…. No, now a little less…. Sorry, just a smidge more,” etc. 


To say the least, they test my patience. 


Here are a few tips to make them a bit more bearable and effective:


1. Direct all needed changes through the worship leader. There's nothing worse than your musicians shouting the changes they need at the sound guy. It gets chaotic real fast. Your sound guys will love you for it. 


2.  Play through a song and then make changes. If you spend the majority of your time tweaking mixes before a song, chances are once you start playing, everyone will need to make changes again and again. Playing through a song first gives your team a chance to hear their mix in a live environment. 


3. Limit the number of changes. My teams know they get one chance to make changes. After we play through a song and they make changes, that's it. No more stopping for tweaks unless it's an emergency. You could spend your whole rehearsal time just making adjustments to mixes. 


4. Be selective with your mix. I tell my teams to only adjust what they really need. Chances are the keyboard player doesn't need just the perfect amount of high-hat in their mix. The goal isn't to have a cd-quality mix of the band in your ears (or wedge). The goal is to hear what you need to do your part well. 


Any other tips out there for sound checks?