Welcome to Battledrums Worship Orientation! Please watch through all four videos to learn and understand what it means to serve in Battledrums Worship Ministry. After watching all videos, please be sure to email us (info@battledrumsmusic.com) with a signed copy of the Battledrums Commitment Form that you will find below. During this process, it would be our pleasure to address any questions or concerns you might have about anything at all, so please don't hesitate to ask! 



It is helpful to watch videos in full screen

Video 1: Serving at Calvary

Stephen Christian walks us through the role of being a servant in the ministry at Calvary. 

Video 2: Introduction to Battledrums Worship Ministry

Ryan Wylie explains what Battledrums Worship ministry is about and shows how to use the Team Member section of battledrumsmusic.com

battledrumsmusic.com/members  PW:battledrums

Video 3: Scheduling & Communication

Ryan walks us through how to use Battledrums' means of scheduling and communication through Planning Center Online. 


Video 4: Battledrums Handbook

Ryan explains the vision and mission of the worship ministry and practical steps to serving in Battledrums.