My dad, Bob Montgomery went (by ambulance) to the emergency room at the Thunderbird Hospital in Glendale, AZ yesterday.  They determined he has Sepsis and then put him in the ICU and began running tests on him to determine where the infection was in his body.  It was his urinary tract and kidneys (but they are still trying to determine/identify the infectious bacteria).  He was doing better this morning, but had a down turn this afternoon. Due to the pain and nausea he is experiencing, the doctors are going to intubate him and induce him into a semi-coma to allow his body to rest and aid his healing.  My mom, Lois and sister, Kim have been there with Dad. All three are strong believers.  Dad has a good and caring medical team taking care of him as well.  Please pray for my dad’s healing, that God would give knowledge and wisdom to the doctors and nurses who are caring for him to determine what is going on and how to heal him.  Please pray for my mom and sister that He would give them peace as they deal real-time with day-by-day unveiling of my dad’s situation.  Thank you.


Please pray for a friend named Claire who asked me to take her to church. She is in her 40’s, holds several doctorates, and has never ever been in a church. We will go Saturday evening service. Pray for Holy Spirit filling and softening to receive Jesus. Thank you


Please pray for a Home. the Lord knows all of the details...Thank You, Big Love to all of You


lease pray Carol, Ed’s wife, as she will be undergoing an MRI this Friday. We pray they find nothing but a healthy scan of the brain.



Please pray for us as we continue with our journey of this high risk complicated pregnancy. There are so many worries, concerns, and decisions to be made in really a short time. 

Last week we found out that our baby will be born within a Spina Bifida, which is a serpation in the lower spine. This could cause many issues with her life... and ours. I'm at 26 weeks pregnant now and back at like 18 weeks I declined the Amniotisis test (the test that looks for Spina Bifida, Down syndrome or other genetic issues) because I felt it didn't matter, or the concern of misscarage wasn't worth it. But now they are wanting me to do it on Monday the 31st. The idea still makes me uneasy, and I'm not completely sure why it's necessary at his point, since we see her spine issue clear as day in an ultrasound now? At this point in my pregnancy, it could still cause a miscarriage, or preterm labor sooo I'm still a little worried. Our baby's name is Lacey (or Lacie, not sure on spelling yet). 


Please pray for my students ;) I am about to advertise private painting & sculpture lessons in my neighborhood. Please pray that the Lord provides students & for protection. I'm a little nervous about this as I live on my own. I don't really like the idea of teaching men, should any be interested in lessons. I need to look more into how to address this. Just pray for good discernment, provision & protection out here in the middle of no where.. 


Please pray for Jim Crodo who is having heart surgery August 8th (he is a believer) Also pray for Mr. Huerta (my co-worker's father) His only working vehicle was stolen.


Could you please be in prayer for next weekend? I'm leading high school girls for reboot this year and I'm so excited. Please pray for the weekend to run smoothly, for blessings on everyone who has put work into it, and most importantly the students- for clarity of the gospel when it's presented, for revival of hearts that have become passive, for those students to leave there refreshed with the spirit and ready to do things for the cause of Christ. Could you also pray for me and the rest of those leading groups, that we will be diligent in pointing these students closer to Christ during and after reboot. Thank you very much!

Stephen F.

I know a family whose daughter was raped and the man accused of the crime was recently released from jail and is now roaming free. They are afraid of her safety. Please pray for them. Thank you.


I have a praise report that my parents have gotten back home from Guatemala safe and sound, Thank Jesus! Please do continue to pray for my mama's health- her degenerative disease & fibromyalgia. Please pray for her emotional state right now- having to do with the conditions the rest of our family in Guatemala is in. Pray for the Lord's peace & my mama's sleep during the night. Thank you!


I struggle a lot with worry, fear, control, and anxiety, and I have anxiety attacks.

Please pray that the Lord will help me through this hard time, that I will feel His presence and His peace, and that I would give Him control of everything. Pray that He will strengthen me, help me look to Him, and that in Him I will overcome these fears. Thank you so much!


Please pray for my wife Rhonda and I, we are having a hard time coming together spiritually. She is a young Christian and because of past beliefs and experiences there are obstacles in the way for her truly being open to God’s Spirit’s leading…

This situation, along with a struggle between us as to which church to attend, is creating a bit of tension in our relationship and is causing me a good bit of frustration and anxiety....

Please pray that God would awaken His Spirit within her and draw her into a close relationship with Himself and that God would help me to exhibit patience, love, and understanding while we work through this season. Your prayers are much appreciated.


I would appreciate your prayers. I have been dealing with some fairly serious health issues the past three months and am on a very strict diet. In addition to the physical challenges, it has been mentally and emotionally exhausting dealing with all of this. We are also leaving Wednesday for my step-son's college graduation in TN, and this presents a whole new set of physical and dietary challenges. Thank you so much!


Please pray for my sister Amy.  She and her husband are having serious marital problems and are considering divorce.  She is not saved.  Pray the Lord reveals himself to her, and for emotional endurance in this trial.  Thank you


Please continue to pray for my mama's health. She just got other results in & doctors have now found that she has a thyroid problem :( on top of her fibromyalgia & degenerative disease on her back & legs. She's on some medications but desires to get treated as natural as possible. Please pray that we can find a healthy balance for her between medications & natural resources. And pray for healing & REST during her sleep...  Thank You!


Prayer for my husband (Eddie), son (Michael), and my supervisor's (Diane) salvation. Pray for the declining health of Diane's 90+ year old father and that Diane will use this difficult situation to want to seek and find the Lord.  Thank you and may God bless you and the ministry.


Please pray for my Wife’s (Lani) recovery. She had surgery on Monday and has a hard time getting better. Please pray for my friend Doug and his family, they are going through tough times as his mom died several months ago, his dad is staying with he and his wife now. The dad and Doug are in constant stress and feel depressed now. Please pray for my Son Pascal in Germany. He is into drugs now and thinks it’s cool. I am afraid he is sliding away… Thank you so much.


Pray for my family to finally be well. We have had back-to-back sickness in our home, and are all three exhausted.

For my grandparents: my grandmother is recovering from hip repair surgery. My grandfather has prostate cancer that has moved into his bones. It is far enough progressed that it will eventually be fatal. They are giving him injections every few weeks to slow the progress. Pray for peace for the whole family, especially my grandmother who is in denial about the outcome. Pray for my grandfather to be receptive to the Gospel, and that he will accept Jesus as his Savior.


My husband and I just found out we are going to have another baby. Pray for our little baby to grow healthy and strong. And pray for us all as we get ready for the adventure again of a baby in the family.


I ask for prayer for my friend Becky who had a preventative double mastectomy a week ago today.  Prayer for friends Stephanie and Steve as they grieve over death of her 22 year old son and her father. Prayer for God to show me where He wants me and how to serve Him.  Prayer for husband and son's salvation.


Please pray for the anxiety I get in moments. God Knows. I get this anxiety that makes me feel like stopping everything I am working on now, packing up, and moving elsewhere with other opportunities and a full- time job.

Praise God I have had prayer between last night and this morning. The anxiety was gone. All I wanted to do was sing & dance this morning, I was just so thankful. Please pray for continual clear direction, Gods best for me, and continual PEACE...

Thank you and I love each of you.


My grandfather was just diagnosed with prostate and bone cancer. We don’t know how far it’s progressed, but he’s 82 and not in great health. Pray for wisdom for the doctors, as well as the family. My grandparents live here and my relatives are trying to move them up to Colorado – going against what my grandmother and the doctors want right now. Pray for peace and patience, and a willingness to follow what the doctors advise.


As you know we have started a software company a few months ago. The company is pretty much established for funding missionary work local and abroad. Satan knows the threat and has been pounding us really hard. We launched and skyrocketed to 30 clients. 2 of them quickly went bankrupt, 19 of them closed after a federal audit, and as we thought things were calming down, one of the owners committed suicide. Today I got a call from the one that closed down stating he is going to sue me over something that a reporter wrote that cited us as a source.


A power line broke behind my house yesterday and caught my neighbor's yard and house on fire. They are all ok, but the house in uninhabitable. It was only a few feet from landing in my yard. Please lift up my neighbors, they are a young family and the mom is 8 months pregnant, and already has two other children. And praise the Lord that no one was hurt.


Please pray for my husband Eddie and son Michael's salvation. Also, prayer for God to provide an answer to a question I have asked of him.  Thank you and God bless you.


Please pray for one of my best friends little sisters.

Kendall is 13 years old and has been diagnosed with a potentially life threatening disease called autoimmune encephalitis where her immune system is attacking her brain. She is in desperate need of another IVIG treatment that her insurance is refusing to pay for after giving pre-approval. Please pray she gets the treatment she needs!


I would appreciate continued prayer for my husband Rick. He had the Whipple surgery a couple of weeks ago & is currently at a rehab hospital. First of all a praise report that he's gotten this far & made it through chemotherapy, then to surgery.  God has generously and abundantly blessed us throughout this difficult journey. I ask for continued prayer going forward towards a successful recovery & praying that God's hand & presence be undeniable, leading to spiritual healing in addition to physical healing.


Please pray for our friends, Steve and Stephanie, as their 22 year old son Mason died this weekend of a massive heart attack due to an unknown blocked artery condition.


Please pray for Max.  He has been diagnosed with cancer and is receiving his first round of chemotherapy today.

Please pray for our friend Alma.  She is 84 and receiving her last round of chemotherapy.

Please pray for Rochelle she is 33 weeks pregnant and has been diagnosed with lung cancer. She cannot undergo chemotherapy until the baby is born. Pray for a natural birth for a short recovery.

Pray for the Helmick family. My son's friend's dad passed away at 58 years old from cancer. Pray for comfort and direction during this trial.

Pray for Mark. He has colon cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy.


Pray for my daughter Maylene. Her asthma really acts up when she gets a cold. After a month of coughing her doctor finally gave her some antibiotics to kick it. She is doing a lot better, but this is a pattern that plays out every 3 months or so. After a lot of thought, we have decided to start her on allergy shots. Her doc says this helps 80% of people in her situation. Pray for it to work for her and for us all to be strong through this looong journey. Evey week she will get a shot for like a year.


First of all a praise report: I have requested prayer for my husband, Rick,  who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in April 2016. Nine days ago he underwent surgery to remove the tumor & much of the surrounding tissue with a procedure called the Whipple. The surgery was successful, he is recovering & is being transferred to a rehabilitation hospital. God has done abundantly exceedingly more than we could have imagined or hoped for throughout chemotherapy treatments & now through surgery.  We are in awe of His amazing grace & are confident that the faithful prayers of many have been heard.

My request for prayer is for continued healing throughout the recovery period, and ultimately for assured salvation and absolute surrender to God.


Please pray for our 4 month old nephew, Miles. My family is visiting from Denver and was supposed to head home today, but baby Miles came down with bronchiolitis. They put him on oxygen and sent him home yesterday, but he went back for a follow up this morning and will soon be transferred to UNM. Pray for healing and for rest and peace for everyone as they will have to stay in town until he's cleared to travel.


Please pray my father in law Richard. He just collapsed outside and is being taken to the hospital. He has a history of Heart attacks and heart problems. They were here in town visiting the grand kids so that makes it even more interesting right now for them. Pray for him to be ok, and comfort for the family.


Please pray for my mom, she was been working with her job and was suppose to receive a big check, and they didn't pay her for the past 7 months. So I pray she gets the money she worked hard for.


Pray for the Lord to provide me with a decent-paying job in the next month.


My good friend will be visiting this weekend. She and her family are strong Christians and have a 30 year old son who is also a Christian and he is wanting to become a woman. Suicidal today, called 911.  "2 Cor 10:5 We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God."  Praying for him to allow Jesus to set him free from this stronghold Thank you for your prayers.


1) A co-worker's son has been hospitalized after two ER visits for an elevated heart beat.  They plan to keep him for five days he is eleven and his name is Elijah Padilla.

2) A friends daughter recently passed after a six year struggle with an inoperable brain tumor. She was 33.  Her memorial service is this weekend please pray that Eleanor and John Sichler feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and his comfort even more during this time.


Please pray for myself & the Rankin family as this is my last day of work with them. Please pray for peace, that God never separates Himself from the little ones, Eleanore & Naomi. This is so hard for me because I have taken care of them since their birth. This family is non believing, they don't care for Jesus, but we know that God is ultimately in control & loves them. Pray that E & N both become great women of God ;) & pray that God helps me transition now from being a mommy to be practicing in my calling, to build up students during this time & teach painting & drawing courses again...


Please pray for our relative, Gerald, whom we call Uncle Gerald because our daughters called him that. He is a believer. He has been on Hospice for two weeks and doctors don't expect him to be with us much longer. (Aggressive lung cancer). We are praying for God's miracle knowing that may not be His sovereign will. We also pray for comfort, peace, and assurance of his eternal destiny, for Gerald and the family, and strength for the family (all believers). Thank you!


Pray for strength for us as a family, and the ability to get up on time and accomplish everything we need. Jude is in kindergarten now, and getting him to school every day by 7:48 is hard! Also for the ability to prioritize and communicate with Jeremy. He’s shutting down emotionally again, and checking out when he gets home for work.


I’ve been dealing with anxiety a lot lately. It’s been something I’ve dealt with in the past but it’s been escalading in the past month or so. Pray that I can find emotional and spiritual rest in our savior and even some practical physical relief. God is still good!


Pray for me and my marriage. We are reaching our 1 yr anniversary next month and it has been nothing but rocky. Really hard. I don't know if my heart is in it anymore. Prayers for God's direction and wisdom during this time is very welcomed. Thank you.


Were trying to rent a house near the church to be close after 5 years of commuting back and forth. Please pray for favorible reviews on the application.


I had cataract surgery this morning as a result of the trauma from the retina reattachment surgery in that eye last February. Please pray for a successful recovery.


I have both a praise report and prayer request for my daughter, Danielle.  I am so very, very happy to tell you that yesterday at the 11:15 service, she responded to the altar call and accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior!!! Thank you so very much for all of your prayers for her.  I was so very happy for her and just full of joy and amazed at what an awesome God we serve!  I pray for her now as I know she will be tested.  I ask for your prayers for her and that God will guide her and correct her as needed.  I also ask for prayer for God to show me what to do and not to do as He does a work in her life.


Please pray that we bring enough clients on board this month to float this business.  And that we can find a rental home in ABQ to run the business from and be closer to our church family.

Charlie Baber

Please pray for...: my biology classes. My teacher's style and methods of teaching is difficult to work with and I am finding the homework hard due to the fast paced teaching methods. Pray that God will give my brain the capacity to understand her lectures and that the homework will be easier to complete. Pray also, that the Lord will surround me with classmates who desire to work well in our group projects so that as a group we will support and encourage great work as a team! Thank you!!


Hey guys, Please can you be praying for my upcoming appointment with my doctor/surgeon on Monday 29th! We are all praying the my MRI scan results are bad enough that he will know exactly what is wrong and show my injury clear enough to know how to move forward. Please also, be praying for these two things and also, in the meantime for relief of pain. Thank you guys! Charlie


Please pray for...: My mother, Stella. She has heart problems (CHF and Atrial Fibrillation) and the doctors told her that the CHF has gotten worse, and she is down about that, but she is also very tired. I ask for strength for my mother.


My mom has had a couple of falls that have resulted in knee pain.  I have had to stay home with her for a week now.  My request is that you lift her up in prayer for continued progress in her physical and emotional health.  I also would like to be remembered in your prayers too (stamina, continued understanding from new supervisor,  etc.).

I also would like you to keep my friend Sharon in your prayers.  Her son is stationed in Turkey with the army and is in harms way.  Sharon is not a believer so I also would like prayer for her to be open to the Spirit's call (as well as her husband and son).  Sharon's brother has just received word that he has a mass on his liver.  Sharon has flown to Ohio to help/be with him.

Diane Miller

I would like a healing prayer for my knee. I hurt it at work last week and was unable to come to Team Night this weekend. L I am doing the medication and exercises as prescribed by the Dr and Physical Therapist, and although it seems to be doing better in one area, I am starting to feel pain in another area. I pray for complete healing of my knee and that it does not evolve into bigger problems. Thank you!!


Please pray for my husband Joseph and friend MP to recover not only physical but also emotionally from colliding with their motorcycles.


Please pray for my mother-in-law, Cynthia, whose boss had multiple strokes and will be taken off life support. Pray for strength and comfort in this heart-breaking time and that God will equip her to lead and function at work. Thank you!!


Please pray for a coming grand opening & exhibition I will be part of September 3rd in Denver. This is a best friend of mine starting her new business. She's a believer ;) Pray the Lord to continues giving me a locked in inspiration, focus, and energy in the studio as I create these new pieces and that they glorify God. Please pray that the Lord protects me, provides financially, and prepares my heart to share the Lord with the people attending that night & that their hearts are open to receive Truth.


Please pray for my husband and me as we start our new journey in marriage counseling. Please pray for me to lead by example and to continue to lean on the Lord when times get rough. Please pray for me to have the strength to set boundaries and most of all please pray for my husband to want to seek the Lord when days and times are rough!