Were trying to rent a house near the church to be close after 5 years of commuting back and forth. Please pray for favorible reviews on the application.


I had cataract surgery this morning as a result of the trauma from the retina reattachment surgery in that eye last February. Please pray for a successful recovery.


I have both a praise report and prayer request for my daughter, Danielle.  I am so very, very happy to tell you that yesterday at the 11:15 service, she responded to the altar call and accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior!!! Thank you so very much for all of your prayers for her.  I was so very happy for her and just full of joy and amazed at what an awesome God we serve!  I pray for her now as I know she will be tested.  I ask for your prayers for her and that God will guide her and correct her as needed.  I also ask for prayer for God to show me what to do and not to do as He does a work in her life.