Please pray for my husband, daughter, and son to turn to God. For God to guide my daughter to a job where she can learn to be independent.  Also that I will trust in God vs. worrying about my family's unbelief.  Thank you.


PRAISE!! Thank you so much for your prayers -- my biopsy results came back negative! Please pray that the treatment options now on the table will work well without complications. Thank you! 


Continue praying for my family because of the loss of my sister.  We are better, but my Mom is elderly and is taking this hard, plus she is frail to begin with.


I have been struggling, recently, with maintaining a positive attitude at work and I feel as though it is affecting my spiritual life. I feel as though I am burned out with my job, and feel trapped because, even though I am eligible to retire, I don't feel that I am financially able to, yet. I know that God places us where he wants us in order to be a light for others and to glorify Him in all we do. In that area, I feel that I have failed miserably and many times I feel like a hypocrite for it. I also feel that my heart is becoming hardened and I have also been struggling with being motivated to read and study God's Word. I am asking for prayer to improve my attitude and to stay focused on God and His will and to soften my heart and to be filled with the Holy Spirit.


Well, this is actually a really long story, so I will keep it short. My grandfather is in a rehabilitation center recovering from a back injury. My uncle is currently in the hospital with a bad gallbladder and he is not in good condition so they can't remove it until he stabilizes. He usually watches my grandmother while my aunt is teaching, so I am in Las Cruces right now watching my grandma with dementia and Alzheimer's. With my grandpa and uncle out of the house, her world has been turned upside-down, her daily routine is gone, and that of course makes the dementia a lot worse and makes my handling her much harder. This leaves my poor aunt with the responsibility of her father's and mother's care, the worry about her brother, and she still has to teach.

Right now, my aunt and I are the last two standing; the last 5 days have been a roller coaster ride and it doesn't look like it is going to slow down. She will ask if my mother can fly out here because there is no telling how long my uncle will be in hospital especially with the complications, and then how long it will take for him to recover. If that is going to be an extended period, we'll need her help. Pray for speedy recovery for my sick family, our patience with my worried and stressed grandma, Grandma's peace of mind, and my aunt's peace. Thanks for praying.