Ryan W.

 Please pray for continued physical healing for my aunt and more importantly her spiritual health. I pray she would make a full commitment to Christ and accept all He has to offer.

Natalie W.

 Pray for continued guidance as I seek the Lord on career/vocation. Pray that he will give me clear inspiration on how to be utilizing my time during this season of waiting.

Phillip A.

Pray for a friend of mine, he's having surgery tomorrow on the 25th his name is Glenn


Please pray for Phil (my husband) and me as we leave for a cruise this weekend. We have been having a lot of ups and downs and I am trying my hardest to follow the Lord’s lead but some days I struggle more than others and even though Phil can be completely mean and say some hurtful things I need to just love and not be a target and let God do the healing and speaking to Phil and I will allow God to work through me and work in me to make me a better wife as well.  Please pray he will protect us from hurting each other mentally & verbally and allow us to really connect and see the love we do have for each other that has been overshadowed by resentment and anger. Please continue to pray for my husband and his all day drinking habits on the weekends. Please pray that he learns other ways to control his anxiety versus “self-medicating” by drinking to relax.  
Also, please pray for a dear family friend of mine who just had a baby that is in detox from heroin. It is so sad to watch and witness and I just pray she finds the Lord and gets better. I pray through her entire situation that her entire family finds the Lord so the baby can grow up and be used as a beautiful testimony of the beautiful works of God’s hands.