Please pray for God to continue to guide my daughter, Danielle, and for her, Michael and Eddie's salvation; for Rick's health issues and that he doesn't have cancer and for his salvation; for comfort for Meg; and for Mona Lisa who is waiting biopsy results that they will be normal and for her salvation. 


Please pray for my husband,  Rick. We are in the hospital & he has just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The next step is "staging" which requires further testing before options for a path forward can be discussed.


Please pray for my friend Carrie and her unborn baby who may not make it! She has an ultrasound on the 14th and I am praying for everything to be beyond amazing! Also for her marriage in this difficult time. 


Please pray for all to go well as SOM wraps up. Specifically, for continued guidance on to the next step, that God reveals it and for obedience to his calling. 


Please pray for Reboot this weekend. I'm a leader and a host home. Pray that I will be able to facilitate these students growing closer to Christ. Thank you! 


It seems our ministry is battling a lot of health issues, please pray for them. A few of our team members are looking for new jobs, lets lift them up. Safety for upcoming Battledrums trips. And I would love prayer for guidance, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.