Please pray for comfort, strength, wisdom, and God's infinite love to be broadcast at high volume in the hearts of our family and friends as we mourn the loss of two family members over the past two weeks...a 19 year old nephew in NM on Sandra's side and a step father in PA on my side.


Please pray for my friend Henry Zachary. He gave his life to the Lord a few weeks ago. Pray that God would fill him with his Spirit and create a hunger and thirst for His word.


Yes, I ask for continued prayer for my daughter, Danielle, and her mental health issues.  I pray for her to go with us in 2 weeks for a family vacation with her grandfather and that she won't have issues with her boyfriend during that time.  I pray for safe travels as we will be in Orlando for part of the trip. I pray for my family to see the need for Christ in their lives.  Finally, I pray for God's guidance for me on how He wants me to serve or not to serve Him musically. Thank You


I have an answer to prayer!  The procedure on the four levels of my spine seems to be taking effect and providing a great deal of relief for the pain. Still a ways to go, but improvement is significant. :-)

Our business has launched, is well received, but we need to get some funding and support in order to really make an impact nationwide.  I’m talking to somebody this afternoon who is in that type of business, and God willing, something may come of this. Also I’m talking to a large number of people throughout the country who are very stressed with the regulatory changes and praying for them, as that is my mission with this product, meet people, understand them, develop a relationship, and introduce them to God.  So please pray that these things come to fruition.  Have an awesome week :-)