My mom has had a couple of falls that have resulted in knee pain.  I have had to stay home with her for a week now.  My request is that you lift her up in prayer for continued progress in her physical and emotional health.  I also would like to be remembered in your prayers too (stamina, continued understanding from new supervisor,  etc.).

I also would like you to keep my friend Sharon in your prayers.  Her son is stationed in Turkey with the army and is in harms way.  Sharon is not a believer so I also would like prayer for her to be open to the Spirit's call (as well as her husband and son).  Sharon's brother has just received word that he has a mass on his liver.  Sharon has flown to Ohio to help/be with him.

Diane Miller

I would like a healing prayer for my knee. I hurt it at work last week and was unable to come to Team Night this weekend. L I am doing the medication and exercises as prescribed by the Dr and Physical Therapist, and although it seems to be doing better in one area, I am starting to feel pain in another area. I pray for complete healing of my knee and that it does not evolve into bigger problems. Thank you!!


Please pray for my husband Joseph and friend MP to recover not only physical but also emotionally from colliding with their motorcycles.


Please pray for my mother-in-law, Cynthia, whose boss had multiple strokes and will be taken off life support. Pray for strength and comfort in this heart-breaking time and that God will equip her to lead and function at work. Thank you!!


Please pray for a coming grand opening & exhibition I will be part of September 3rd in Denver. This is a best friend of mine starting her new business. She's a believer ;) Pray the Lord to continues giving me a locked in inspiration, focus, and energy in the studio as I create these new pieces and that they glorify God. Please pray that the Lord protects me, provides financially, and prepares my heart to share the Lord with the people attending that night & that their hearts are open to receive Truth.


Please pray for my husband and me as we start our new journey in marriage counseling. Please pray for me to lead by example and to continue to lean on the Lord when times get rough. Please pray for me to have the strength to set boundaries and most of all please pray for my husband to want to seek the Lord when days and times are rough!