Please pray for one of my best friends little sisters.

Kendall is 13 years old and has been diagnosed with a potentially life threatening disease called autoimmune encephalitis where her immune system is attacking her brain. She is in desperate need of another IVIG treatment that her insurance is refusing to pay for after giving pre-approval. Please pray she gets the treatment she needs!


I would appreciate continued prayer for my husband Rick. He had the Whipple surgery a couple of weeks ago & is currently at a rehab hospital. First of all a praise report that he's gotten this far & made it through chemotherapy, then to surgery.  God has generously and abundantly blessed us throughout this difficult journey. I ask for continued prayer going forward towards a successful recovery & praying that God's hand & presence be undeniable, leading to spiritual healing in addition to physical healing.


Please pray for our friends, Steve and Stephanie, as their 22 year old son Mason died this weekend of a massive heart attack due to an unknown blocked artery condition.


Please pray for Max.  He has been diagnosed with cancer and is receiving his first round of chemotherapy today.

Please pray for our friend Alma.  She is 84 and receiving her last round of chemotherapy.

Please pray for Rochelle she is 33 weeks pregnant and has been diagnosed with lung cancer. She cannot undergo chemotherapy until the baby is born. Pray for a natural birth for a short recovery.

Pray for the Helmick family. My son's friend's dad passed away at 58 years old from cancer. Pray for comfort and direction during this trial.

Pray for Mark. He has colon cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy.


Pray for my daughter Maylene. Her asthma really acts up when she gets a cold. After a month of coughing her doctor finally gave her some antibiotics to kick it. She is doing a lot better, but this is a pattern that plays out every 3 months or so. After a lot of thought, we have decided to start her on allergy shots. Her doc says this helps 80% of people in her situation. Pray for it to work for her and for us all to be strong through this looong journey. Evey week she will get a shot for like a year.