My dad, Bob Montgomery went (by ambulance) to the emergency room at the Thunderbird Hospital in Glendale, AZ yesterday.  They determined he has Sepsis and then put him in the ICU and began running tests on him to determine where the infection was in his body.  It was his urinary tract and kidneys (but they are still trying to determine/identify the infectious bacteria).  He was doing better this morning, but had a down turn this afternoon. Due to the pain and nausea he is experiencing, the doctors are going to intubate him and induce him into a semi-coma to allow his body to rest and aid his healing.  My mom, Lois and sister, Kim have been there with Dad. All three are strong believers.  Dad has a good and caring medical team taking care of him as well.  Please pray for my dad’s healing, that God would give knowledge and wisdom to the doctors and nurses who are caring for him to determine what is going on and how to heal him.  Please pray for my mom and sister that He would give them peace as they deal real-time with day-by-day unveiling of my dad’s situation.  Thank you.