Please pray for the anxiety I get in moments. God Knows. I get this anxiety that makes me feel like stopping everything I am working on now, packing up, and moving elsewhere with other opportunities and a full- time job.

Praise God I have had prayer between last night and this morning. The anxiety was gone. All I wanted to do was sing & dance this morning, I was just so thankful. Please pray for continual clear direction, Gods best for me, and continual PEACE...

Thank you and I love each of you.


My grandfather was just diagnosed with prostate and bone cancer. We don’t know how far it’s progressed, but he’s 82 and not in great health. Pray for wisdom for the doctors, as well as the family. My grandparents live here and my relatives are trying to move them up to Colorado – going against what my grandmother and the doctors want right now. Pray for peace and patience, and a willingness to follow what the doctors advise.


As you know we have started a software company a few months ago. The company is pretty much established for funding missionary work local and abroad. Satan knows the threat and has been pounding us really hard. We launched and skyrocketed to 30 clients. 2 of them quickly went bankrupt, 19 of them closed after a federal audit, and as we thought things were calming down, one of the owners committed suicide. Today I got a call from the one that closed down stating he is going to sue me over something that a reporter wrote that cited us as a source.


A power line broke behind my house yesterday and caught my neighbor's yard and house on fire. They are all ok, but the house in uninhabitable. It was only a few feet from landing in my yard. Please lift up my neighbors, they are a young family and the mom is 8 months pregnant, and already has two other children. And praise the Lord that no one was hurt.


Please pray for my husband Eddie and son Michael's salvation. Also, prayer for God to provide an answer to a question I have asked of him.  Thank you and God bless you.