I would appreciate your prayers. I have been dealing with some fairly serious health issues the past three months and am on a very strict diet. In addition to the physical challenges, it has been mentally and emotionally exhausting dealing with all of this. We are also leaving Wednesday for my step-son's college graduation in TN, and this presents a whole new set of physical and dietary challenges. Thank you so much!


Please pray for my sister Amy.  She and her husband are having serious marital problems and are considering divorce.  She is not saved.  Pray the Lord reveals himself to her, and for emotional endurance in this trial.  Thank you


Please continue to pray for my mama's health. She just got other results in & doctors have now found that she has a thyroid problem :( on top of her fibromyalgia & degenerative disease on her back & legs. She's on some medications but desires to get treated as natural as possible. Please pray that we can find a healthy balance for her between medications & natural resources. And pray for healing & REST during her sleep...  Thank You!


Prayer for my husband (Eddie), son (Michael), and my supervisor's (Diane) salvation. Pray for the declining health of Diane's 90+ year old father and that Diane will use this difficult situation to want to seek and find the Lord.  Thank you and may God bless you and the ministry.


Please pray for my Wife’s (Lani) recovery. She had surgery on Monday and has a hard time getting better. Please pray for my friend Doug and his family, they are going through tough times as his mom died several months ago, his dad is staying with he and his wife now. The dad and Doug are in constant stress and feel depressed now. Please pray for my Son Pascal in Germany. He is into drugs now and thinks it’s cool. I am afraid he is sliding away… Thank you so much.