I have a praise report that my parents have gotten back home from Guatemala safe and sound, Thank Jesus! Please do continue to pray for my mama's health- her degenerative disease & fibromyalgia. Please pray for her emotional state right now- having to do with the conditions the rest of our family in Guatemala is in. Pray for the Lord's peace & my mama's sleep during the night. Thank you!


I struggle a lot with worry, fear, control, and anxiety, and I have anxiety attacks.

Please pray that the Lord will help me through this hard time, that I will feel His presence and His peace, and that I would give Him control of everything. Pray that He will strengthen me, help me look to Him, and that in Him I will overcome these fears. Thank you so much!


Please pray for my wife Rhonda and I, we are having a hard time coming together spiritually. She is a young Christian and because of past beliefs and experiences there are obstacles in the way for her truly being open to God’s Spirit’s leading…

This situation, along with a struggle between us as to which church to attend, is creating a bit of tension in our relationship and is causing me a good bit of frustration and anxiety....

Please pray that God would awaken His Spirit within her and draw her into a close relationship with Himself and that God would help me to exhibit patience, love, and understanding while we work through this season. Your prayers are much appreciated.