Please pray for us as we continue with our journey of this high risk complicated pregnancy. There are so many worries, concerns, and decisions to be made in really a short time. 

Last week we found out that our baby will be born within a Spina Bifida, which is a serpation in the lower spine. This could cause many issues with her life... and ours. I'm at 26 weeks pregnant now and back at like 18 weeks I declined the Amniotisis test (the test that looks for Spina Bifida, Down syndrome or other genetic issues) because I felt it didn't matter, or the concern of misscarage wasn't worth it. But now they are wanting me to do it on Monday the 31st. The idea still makes me uneasy, and I'm not completely sure why it's necessary at his point, since we see her spine issue clear as day in an ultrasound now? At this point in my pregnancy, it could still cause a miscarriage, or preterm labor sooo I'm still a little worried. Our baby's name is Lacey (or Lacie, not sure on spelling yet). 


Please pray for my students ;) I am about to advertise private painting & sculpture lessons in my neighborhood. Please pray that the Lord provides students & for protection. I'm a little nervous about this as I live on my own. I don't really like the idea of teaching men, should any be interested in lessons. I need to look more into how to address this. Just pray for good discernment, provision & protection out here in the middle of no where.. 


Please pray for Jim Crodo who is having heart surgery August 8th (he is a believer) Also pray for Mr. Huerta (my co-worker's father) His only working vehicle was stolen.