Tina Diltz

Please continue to pray for my husband's family. His mom, Doris, has serious heart issues. She was in the hospital last week while they shocked her heart to try to get it back in rhythm. Four tries, no success. She meets with more specialists today to determine the next course of action. My husband's sisters are both caring for ailing husbands, one of whom has been waiting a year and a half for a liver transplant. This complicates things, since they all live in Oklahoma and my husband is here. Thank you so much!


Continued prayer for my husband,  Rick,  as he continues to battle pancreatic cancer. Pray for his physical & mental strength.  Pray for his commitment to accept Christ & understand what that means. Pray for the Holy Spirit's presence & guidance. Pray for wisdom for the doctors. God bless you all. Thank You



I know it's been a while since anyone heard from me. My family has been in something of a crisis since February. Here is the whole story. I know I have told some people bits and pieces.

In late January my grandfather and uncle went to the hospital leaving my aunt as the sole caretaker for Grandma. My mom and I have picked up the slack since my uncle has been sick. He was so sick and his blood thinners were a mess (he has an artificial heart valve, an older one at that), so they couldn't operate. On March 2nd, my uncle was released from the hospital with a strict diet and careful instructions to prepare him for much needed surgery (gallbladder removal: it almost killed him). The same day, my grandfather died. Grandma was devastated. They would have been married 60 years in April.

On May 1st, my uncle went to surgery. He followed the diet and instructions carefully and his blood was clotting right, and he was good to go. The day after, they told us he was bleeding internally but they didn't know if it was the blood thinners or if there was a bleeder the surgeon missed. The next day, he went into hemorrhagic shock (internal bleeding was bad enough to drop his blood pressure and he crashed). His heart stopped for 15 minutes. They were able to get it beating again but they had to intubate him and put him on a ventilator. They performed emergency surgery and he came out of that fine. He spent the next week sedated; being intubated is unpleasant to say the least. After that, they had successfully weaned him off the ventilator and he was awake and on oxygen. Soon they realized his O2 saturation wasn't great on oxygen and he went back on the ventilator. He was diagnosed with Adult Respitory Distress Syndrome (ARDS). His alveolar sacs had been damaged so he was not getting oxygen into his blood like he needed. They gave him a temporary tracheotomy so that he didn't have to be intubated. It was going to be a long process of rehabilitation. A week after that, we were told that his breathing was so ineffective that they had turned up the ventilator to max oxygen intake to keep him at minimal O2 saturation and that his kidneys weren't working. He died May 30th at 52 years old.

Now my aunt is trying to sort out two estates and my uncle died with no power of attorney, no will, and crippling medical bills. My aunt cannot take care of my grandmother come school time, so we are also shopping for nursing homes. We are also going to have a court declare her unfit. Grandma appears to be ok. She is organizing like nuts (she developed OCD as a coping mechanism when her oldest son died 10 years ago) and she knows she lost someone. The dementia seems to be making this a bit easier for her. I guess Adam Young had it right when he said that every mushroom cloud has a silver lining. We need prayer.



Please pray for safe travels as my wife Carol, my son Michael, and his wife Becca travel from Ireland back home to Albuquerque this Wednesday, June 15 and pray for Becca's parents as they travel back home from Ireland the following day. 

Also, please pray for my friend's daughter, Joanna Hyland, as she remains in the hospital from a post surgery infection that she had developed which threatened her life.  She has made some progress but, to my knowledge, she is still in intensive care.  Please pray for healing, strength and knowledge for the medical staff for knowledge and direction in her treatment. 

Please pray for me also, in staying focused on Christ and walking more in the spirit and less in the flesh.  And for the willingness and courage to do His will, not mine. 


Please pray for my daughter, Danielle.  She has had a major setback and I pray for her to accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior.  I pray for God's protection of her as she goes through this extremely difficult time in her life.  I also pray for her boyfriend, Jay.  I pray for our family and close friends as we are also very stressed and that we would be strengthened.  I pray for God to show me what to do and what not to do.  Thank you.


I'm going in today and Friday for treatment of the nerves roots in my spinal column. If this works, I'll be able to stand up on stage and sing! And that's a great thing. Also pray for the business that just launched.