Please pray for...: Please pray for my son, Matthew, who is 22 years old, and lives in Tucson, AZ. About a year ago he informed me that he and his girlfriend had moved into an apartment together and were sexually active. A couple weeks ago he told me that his girlfriend is pregnant and that their baby is due in September. Matthew is a believer, but has taken the path of the prodigal. His girlfriend, Megan, is not a believer. Please pray that Matthew will repent, and seek God’s forgiveness and restoration, separate from Megan and be chaste until they get married, and begin living a godly life so that Matthew might lead Megan to Christ. I trust God completely with Matthew’s life, and the consequences and hardships that He may allow in Matthew’s life in order to bring Matthew back to a right relationship with Him. I know of others in our fellowship who also have loved ones who are prodigals or unsaved. My heart hurts for them as it does for Matthew and Megan. Please lift all of our prodigals and unsaved loved ones up in your prayers as well.