Pray for the Lord to provide me with a decent-paying job in the next month.


My good friend will be visiting this weekend. She and her family are strong Christians and have a 30 year old son who is also a Christian and he is wanting to become a woman. Suicidal today, called 911.  "2 Cor 10:5 We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God."  Praying for him to allow Jesus to set him free from this stronghold Thank you for your prayers.


1) A co-worker's son has been hospitalized after two ER visits for an elevated heart beat.  They plan to keep him for five days he is eleven and his name is Elijah Padilla.

2) A friends daughter recently passed after a six year struggle with an inoperable brain tumor. She was 33.  Her memorial service is this weekend please pray that Eleanor and John Sichler feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and his comfort even more during this time.


Please pray for myself & the Rankin family as this is my last day of work with them. Please pray for peace, that God never separates Himself from the little ones, Eleanore & Naomi. This is so hard for me because I have taken care of them since their birth. This family is non believing, they don't care for Jesus, but we know that God is ultimately in control & loves them. Pray that E & N both become great women of God ;) & pray that God helps me transition now from being a mommy to be practicing in my calling, to build up students during this time & teach painting & drawing courses again...


Please pray for our relative, Gerald, whom we call Uncle Gerald because our daughters called him that. He is a believer. He has been on Hospice for two weeks and doctors don't expect him to be with us much longer. (Aggressive lung cancer). We are praying for God's miracle knowing that may not be His sovereign will. We also pray for comfort, peace, and assurance of his eternal destiny, for Gerald and the family, and strength for the family (all believers). Thank you!


Pray for strength for us as a family, and the ability to get up on time and accomplish everything we need. Jude is in kindergarten now, and getting him to school every day by 7:48 is hard! Also for the ability to prioritize and communicate with Jeremy. He’s shutting down emotionally again, and checking out when he gets home for work.


I’ve been dealing with anxiety a lot lately. It’s been something I’ve dealt with in the past but it’s been escalading in the past month or so. Pray that I can find emotional and spiritual rest in our savior and even some practical physical relief. God is still good!


Pray for me and my marriage. We are reaching our 1 yr anniversary next month and it has been nothing but rocky. Really hard. I don't know if my heart is in it anymore. Prayers for God's direction and wisdom during this time is very welcomed. Thank you.