Please pray for...: I have a neurologist appointment tomorrow at 9:30am. I have been having consistent headaches for the past couple of months. Prayer that it won't be anything serious and God's guidance in this. Thank you!


I’m having an MRI on Wednesday to explore the damage to the fracture in my spine. They are trying to determine which nerve is being damaged,  my left leg is shrinking quickly due to neuropathy.

And... I’m leaving Sunday to do a nationwide launch of our software after all of this time. Life is Good !


 I request prayer for my daughter, Danielle, who is still struggling with suicidal ideation.  She is not a Christian but is now beginning to reach out to God and I pray for her spiritual and physical protection.  This has been very hard on our family, especially my marriage.  I pray for God to guide me as I am the only believer in my family.  I need His guidance to know how to handle this situation.


Please pray for the family i nanny for- the Rankin's... they are having troubles raising their 2 year old child as she seems pretty strong willed. They are asking me for advise & I have secretly been training Eleanore as best that I can in the Lord. I am learning so much too. So I am having to be open about that now with her parents. They have expressed in the beginning that they have no interest in God or for their daughters :( but i think that the closer we are all getting now & how desperate they are at knowing how to get E to behave the way she does with me is getting them to question a lot;) pray please that the Holy Spirit continues to do a huge beautiful work in their hearts and in their marriage that leads them to be so convinced that Jesus is IT!!!!


I am traveling to Brazil for one month on a vacation. I would love to have your prayers for safe travels and opportunities to share God's love with people there.