Newsletter Feb 2016


Newsletter Feb 2016

F E B R U A R Y  |  2 0 1 6


  • TEAM NIGHT was amazing! If you missed it, feel free to go online ( password: battledrums) and listen to the message and your section leader's teaching! This week we talked about the importance of community, and hope that you can join us next time as we dive into the Word.
  • Tenth Avenue North's Mike Donehey will be joining us for Easter Sunrise Service as our special musical guest! So much excitement and potential surrounds this massive event, let's consider devoting a few minutes of prayer daily or weekly leading up to the event-- Our city needs our disciplined prayers! Soldier on.
  • Prayer Night is making a comeback! Let's kick into high gear-- come join us as we bring our praises & requests before God, and wage war! (We are called 'Battledrums', after all...) Meetings will be the last Thursday of every month from 5PM-6:30PM in the Main Sanctuary. This is a great way to build community and unity, on our faces before the Lord together. 

Killing It!

image by: Peter J. Castro

image by: Peter J. Castro

image by: Peter J. Castro

image by: Peter J. Castro


We kindly ask that you be sure to respect your church and fellow musicians by keeping the stage clean! No matter what platform you are on, please make sure to throw away water bottles, papers, and any trash you see laying around you. (Really, do it to be a rebel. Nobody expects musicians to be organized, timely, or to have things generally in order. Be salty. And by salty, we mean clean.) 

Additionally, we ask that you take loving care of the equipment! We must be good stewards of what God has given us, and are held responsible for the instruments, speakers, drums, etc. Calvary has entrusted us with these things; treat them like they're yours, or better yet, treat them like they're God's... because they are!


Here's a list of people who give lessons around town. (* indicates that they are not a part of Battledrums.)

Tom Remenar - Drums -, or 505-239-0896

Danny Winters - Guitar - 505-304-3202

Steve Smith - Bass - 505-280-7795

Natalie Wylie - Voice -  720-427-3069

*Dustin Maxwell - Acoustic Guitar/Drums - 940-233-0130

*Mark D'Ambrosio - Drums - 505-288-8484

*Josiah Thomas - Piano - 505-908-5606

*Reece Watson - Saxophone - 505-948-4899

*JR Baldonado - Piano/Bass/Drums - 505-712-3820


image by: Peter J. Castro

image by: Peter J. Castro

Jaime Solis will be moving to California with his family in the coming months. Jaime has been a dedicated member of our team for the last year and a half. Make sure to lift up prayers for him and his family for this exciting new adventure! You will be very missed, friend! (Photo: Peter J. Castro)

image by: Peter J. Castro

image by: Peter J. Castro

Incase you hadn't heard, our beautiful Sophie Tellez has run away to Bible College. Keep her in your prayers as she studies at Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murrietta! She'll be back every once in awhile to say 'hey'... Make sure to give her a hard time for leaving. 


 prayer requests from your BD teammates...

  • "--that when the Lord wills, my husband and I may start a family as we have always dreamed. In the meantime, pray I have patience to wait until the time is right. And that my husband will find a way to share his gifts with the world." (Anonymous)
  • "--my Aunt Phyllis is in the hospital with a blood clot in her lung [from a post-op procedure]." Please keep her in prayer...(Anonymous)
  • "-- for my mama; she is having very painful leg cramps that don't allow her to sleep..." (Anonymous)
  • "-- for guidance & wisdom for me as my supervisor is speaking untruths. [It is] a hostile work environment. Also, pray I have patience as my mom is refusing to take her medication." (Charnia)
  • "--for God to guide me in my new work bubble at a secular radio station, and for the Holy Spirit to make war there. Pray that I would be effective salt & light!" (Celeste)


  • Thursday, February 11th @ 7PM: House of Heroes Concert, $10 Admission (Lobo Theater)
  • Friday, February 12th @ 7PM: Love at the Lobo, details here>> (Lobo Theater)
  • March TEAMNIGHT, details TBA...
  • Friday, March 11th @ 8PM: Gungor Concert, Tickets may be purchased here>> (Lobo Theater)
  • Sunday, March 27th @ 7:30AM: Easter Sunrise Service, details TBA... (University Stadium)



Newsletter Dec 2015


Newsletter Dec 2015

D E C E M B E R |  2 0 1 5


Music is marvelous, a gift from God.  Concerning music, Martin Luther said,  “Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world.”  I couldn’t agree more.

A few months ago, Pastor Skip reminded us (during a sermon) that“Christianity is a singing faith,” comparing it to the song-less worldview of atheism. Pastor Skip pointed out that Jesus sang a hymn after the Passover meal (Matthew 26:30), that the Apostle Paul encouraged Christians to speak to one another with Psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs (Ephesians 5:19), and that the words, “singing,” “song,” and “sung” are used over 200 times in the Bible.  Skip then noted that since the inception of the church, over 500,000 hymns have been written. “With singing,” Pastor Skip stated, “God is not auditioning us in the present, but conditioning us for the future.” C.S. Lewis put it this way: singing is “inner heath made audible.” The power of music, particularly the praises of the church, is a passionate response to a Perfect God.

So why is music important? Why do we make melody in our hearts and minds, taking form from the simplest tune to the grandest symphony? In his new book, “Worship In A Post-Christian Culture,” Scott Aniol gives a clue to help answer the question.  Linking music, particularly worship music, to truth, Aniol paints a picture of music as a conduit of reality, a means to grasp the fullness of God’s creative acts in the world. Quoting from Calvin Johansson, Aniol writes,  “We no not have truth and beauty, or truth decorated with beauty, or truth illustrated by the beautiful phrase, or truth in ‘beautiful setting.’  Truth and beauty are in the Scriptures, as indeed they must always be, an inseparable unity.”

Aniol goes on to examine music as “moral imagination,” a stunning way to think of the art form. Furthermore, Aniol discusses the role of music as cultural engagement and group identity.  All insightful and helpful ways for us to understand music, providing perception into God’s great gift.

When you add the elements of music as conveying truth, “moral imagination,” and cultural engagement, the weight and importance of music takes on more girth and gravity than just fun tunes to hum in the shower (which it is that as well).  Music helps lead us to mental, spiritual, and possibly, physical heath; it can point us to authenticity of the divine, as conveyed through notes, instruments, sounds, and structure.  

Music truly is marvelous.

So as you serve in Battle Drums, remind yourselves of these facts:  you are engaged in a ministry that that makes “inner health audible.”  You are helping people sing the truth, know the truth, and proclaim the truth in creative and significant ways.

So on behalf of the pastoral staff, we thank you for your ministry. May God continue to bless it and use it as a means to declare His power, tethering us to His truth, and tantalizing us with His praise!


At November's "Team Night", we enjoyed a worshipful night of songs led by Ryan & Natalie, and a time of scripture reading & prayer by team members. If you're looking for fellowship, find it with your team! Don't miss out on Team Nights--They're a great time to connect with your co-volunteers in music ministry.




YEARS SINGING: Since the 8th Grade




  • Wednesday, December 9th, 7PM: An Out-of-the-Box Christmas (Main Sanctuary)
  • Friday-Saturday, December 11th-12th: Winter Star Wars Movie Marathon (Calvary Nob Hill, see Calvary's website for movie times & details...)
  • Wednesday, December 16th, 7PM: Nadia Covey Christmas Concert (Main Sanctuary)
  • Thursday, December 17th, 7PM: Future of Forestry Advent Tour (Calvary Nob Hill)
  • Thursday, December 24th: Christmas Eve Services, 2PM Family Service, 4PM & 6PM Christmas Eve Services (Main Sanctuary)
  • Sunday, January 17th: Our CHRISTMAS PARTY has been moved to next month. Save the date & plan to be there! Details to follow...


Newsletter Oct 2015


Newsletter Oct 2015

O C T O B E R |  2 0 1 5


Dear Worship Team Member,

From the very beginnings of the Calvary Movement, music was at the center. My pastor, Chuck Smith was a great Bible teacher, but he also always allowed and even promoted the fresh expression of musical styles in the church. In southern California, Calvary was known as the church where young musicians went. I remember a musician’s fellowship on Saturdays that drew hundreds. That group alone produced bands that wrote worship music, produced records and toured the nation. Maranatha Music became the record label of the Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa that impacted the world with new songs and carried the fresh wind of the Spirit to bring a revival of authenticity to the Christian community. Every single week, these various bands Saturday night concerts at the church packed the building and left hundreds waiting in line to get in. The enthusiasm during that time was palpable.

And though that era yields wonderful memories for me, I don’t want to get stuck in the past. My sights are for the present and the future. I love seeing the seeds of another musical movement beginning to sprout in our church with the Battledrums Worship Community. The crisp, new songs that have been generated lately with The War is Over worship project along with the passion and excitement exuded by our worship teams has birthed a genuine exhilaration in my own heart. One of my biggest privileges has been to work together with our creative team, graphics department, video crew and worship community in putting together the latest preaching series we completed based on the songs from the album.

The concept of singing a “new song” is prevalent in the DNA of Scripture and I’m thrilled you have taken that to heart. Thank you for using your gifts for the greater glory of God and to make much of Jesus through your voices and instrument. Every week, both on weekends and midweek, you lead me in beautiful worship of our great God and inspire me to pursue Him more. On behalf of the entire church family, thank you for your faithfulness to this high and sacred calling.



INSTRUMENT: Percussion, Drums





  • Next month make plans to come see Gilbert Alvarado get baptized! (Calvary Amphitheater)
  • Saturday, October 17th : AUDITIONS - Tell your friends to apply on the website >>
  • Friday, October 30th @ 4:00PM-6:45PM: Funfari (Calvary Greenbelt)
  • Friday, October 30th @ 7:30PM: Matt Redman - Unbroken Praise Tour (Main Sanctuary)
  • Sunday, November 1st @ 4:00PM: TEAM NIGHT (Location TBA)